Bitmain Antminer S17 Firmware

Find the latest Bitmain official firmware for Antminer S17 ASIC – Bitmain Antminer S17 53T and Antminer S17 56T.

Download Bitmain Antminer S17 newest firmware V20200427 here. Release date: 2020-01-07

Release Notes:

  1. Enhance anti-virus capability with new security mechanism.
  2. Add sleep mode.
  3. Improve memory and temperature module.
  4. Use new build tools to build firmware.
  5. Remove the voltage calibration process.
  6. Widen the scope of voltage difference inspection.
    7. If upgrading the firmware through no keeping configuration file, it is need to configure miner account and miner pools to mine, otherwise(Upgrading through using keeping configuration file), it is no need to configure the miner and miner pools using previous miner settings to mine.  

Upgrade method:  

  1. Check the current firmware version.
    If the File System Version time is less than or equal to 2019, April 16, then Upgrade the intermediate firmware V20190524 first. Then upgrade the final firmware  V20200427. Update completed.
    Directly upgrade the final firmware  V20200427.
    Update completed.
    2. If you don’t want to check the firmware version. Upgrade firmware V20200427 directly.
    If the mine upgrade is wrong: “Installer Not Signatured!!!” then upgrade the intermediate firmware V20190524  first.
    Then upgrade the final firmware V20200427. update completed. 

Download Bitmain Antminer S17 firmware V20190524 here. Intermediate firmware for S17.

*Although the firmware has undergone thorough testing before being made available, not every mining environment can be replicated during testing. When updating the firmware, please start small and make sure there are no issues before upgrading. For instance, upgrade 10–30 units first and let them run for at least 24 hours to make sure. Please contact customer service for assistance if you run into issues.

See more about Bitmain Antminer S17 Series.

What is the Security Firmware?

The security firmware was created with the intention of safeguarding ANTMINER users’ interests. All of the features from the previous version are present in the firmware. By disabling SSH access, you can more effectively stop unauthorized attempts to hack miners, block the spread of viruses, and protect your mining from remote attacks.

How to Distinguish the Security Firmware?

Know which one is the security firmware via the following ways:

  • The file name of the security firmware has a sig at the end.
  • After the security firmware is reloaded, SSH access will be turned off.

What Are the Functions of the Security Firmware?

The biggest difference between security firmware and regular firmware is that you cannot use SSH connections. Security firmware has firmware signatures and SSH access is disabled.

Why Do We Need to Update the Firmware?

As everyone knows, iteration is a process that advances science and technology, and firmware is no different. The mining device can gain some features and improve its performance with the help of a firmware update.

As a result of these firmware updates, mining operations might use less electricity.

Some firmware updates may also boost the miner’s processing capacity. By updating the firmware, it is possible to give the same machine more processing power. This kind of firmware can boost miners’ mining profits.

It is also possible to use firmware to improve high-temperature protection, restart, and other processes. for miners. The use of such firmware can increase the miner’s dependability and stability.

Although the firmware is good, not all firmware updates can be finished quickly. Miners downloaded and updated the machine’s firmware as soon as they realized that a particular firmware could, regardless of the source, significantly increase computing power. The result is erratic operation of the device, which may even lead to contamination of the mining device and theft of computing power. The official firmware that was provided with the mining machine should always be used, according to this.


Has SSH Connection Been Disabled by the Security Firmware?

SSH connections have indeed been disabled by the security firmware.

Miner Backstage Shows “System Upgrade Failed – Cannot Find Signature!!!”

The firmware you are upgrading is not a security firmware, so that’s what that means.

Can You Upgrade Back to Previous Version After Reloading the Security Firmware?

The most recent official firmware available from the Bitmain website should always be upgraded as it is the most recent and contains all features.

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