Network Bandwidth and Load

Network Bandwidth and Load

This guide is one of part of Antminer S17 series Network/Internet Set Up to introduce network bandwidth and load.

The formula for calculating the number of servers and bandwidth requirements: Network bandwidth (Mbps) = number of servers (sets)/150. For example, for a computing power center running 3,000 servers, the upstream and downstream bandwidth of enterprise broadband should not be lower than 20Mbps.

There are currently two types of broadband:

  1. Dedicated line, the upstream and downstream bandwidth of the dedicated line are equal, such as 100M dedicated line. That is, both upstream and downstream are 100M. According to the above formula, the number of machines that can be brought is about 15,000.
  2. For ordinary household broadband, the uplink is generally 1/10 of the downlink. For example, 500M broadband for home use means that the theoretical downlink rate is 500Mbps, while the theoretical upload rate is generally around 50Mbps. According to this calculation, the actual number of standby is about 7500 units.

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